Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Layout for 2011

I'm baaacckkkkk.. After 4 months of not updating this blog.. and it's 2011!!
Can i still say Happy New Year!!!
or (i think) i should say Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!!! hehe

Can't wait for next week, Chinese New Year.. it will only be a 3 day work week for us here ;)..
and what's more, according to the tiger forecast for 2011.. the rabbit year will be a good one for me..

the tiger year was a BAD.. really BAD year for me.. sigh.. and sigh..

ok..ok.. think positive! only a few days more before the rabbit year comes in.. so i'm all psyched-up for a brand new year.. thinking very optimistic here =)

enuf of the blabbering...

I want to share with you this wedding layout that i've managed to start and finish lastnight *wink wink*. This is for my friend who will be leaving for london on the 3rd of Feb.

Hope she and her husband will like the LO i did for them.

Thank you for dropping by. =)


salme said...

Mader, welcome back! Ganda ganda po nito!

Kahit ano po ha, I am here to listen.

liliput said...

Thanks mami soox :) mwah!

Jolanda said...

Welcome back!!!!
Beautiful work!