Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Scrapmeet Party

We had our Christmas Scrapmeet last Dec 15 and it was such an awesome party, very memorable indeed!

We shared these sumptuous food which each of the scrapmates brought.

We played games like the 12 days of Christmas, Bring Me, Trip to Jerusalem, Pass the Parcel, grab a gift (which was our exchange gift) and pabitin!. There were lots of laughter and we shriek like kids. It was so much fun because the scrapmates are all into it.

In between the laughters and screams Benga had managed to teach us how to make this Christmas ornament which is very cool.

Thanks Marix for sharing, you are really very creative.

And our mareng Cute#1 who is also a very talented and creative woman created these. Awesome right?

(grabbed from Benga's blog)

A very big Thank you to the organizers!

Our group picture :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

No LO - Scrapblock

Have not done any LOs for the past weeks.. i might be having a scrapblock, even if there are pagemaps available.. or i'm just tired :( or perhaps busy with other things :p

Anyhoo.. what i've managed to do for now are the Christmas tags for the gifts and simple albums for j and mareng m as a christmas gift (hope they will like it)..

Also very excited for saturday to come.. we're having our Christmas Scrap Party (scrappersatsg). Woohoo!!
Our dear scrapmates have a lot of exciting things instore for this day.. I just can't wait! 2 more days to go!! woohoo!