Monday, October 31, 2011

Breanna's Graduation

Congratulations Breanna!

She has completed Kindergarten 2.
October 28, 2011 was Breanna's Graduation ceremony at Damien Centre Kindergarten. Her class performed 2 dances, 1 Chinese Song (White Cloud) and Indian dance, Jai Ho.

Latest ScrapMeet

Last Wednesday, Oct 26, Mami S organized an "Scrapmeet cum Amazing Race". I was glad that I joined this fantastic event.


I managed to complete this mini album cover.

Thank you Mami S for organizing and providing us with the materials to create our mini album a.k. remembrance :). And thank you Bebang for the delicious chocolate cupcake :).. yum!

Thank you again ladies for the wonderful and great time! I had so much fun! =)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I joined the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME!

Join in the Blog Hop Meme!

Sponsored by The Paper Trail.

And this is the fabulous prize package that is full of sweetness for this blog hop.

So here's the 3 questions i've selected:

1. FOUR random examples as to what makes me, me.

- i am more of a listener than a talker especially in a big group. You would usually find me in a quiet corner. =)

- i love to play video games, if i have the time, I would usually play "the sims" game and i can play till the wee hours of the morning.

- i like to try on and start on doing new things (e.g. cross stitch) but seldom stick to it. (jack of all trades master of none)

- i love romantic comedy movies, especially pretty woman, the proposal

2. Who is your celebrity crush and why?

- Robert Pattinson as Edward

- Ryan Reynolds

- Josh Duhamel

do i need to elaborate? =)

3.What's your guilty pleasure?

hmmm.. CHOCOLATES! especially meiji dark chocolates! and CHIPS! doritos taco chips with Frito sour cream & onion dip.. yum!

4.What are your favorite WORDS or word that you find yourself using most frequently?

- i like using "shoot" in exchange for the word "sh*t"

- i would usually utter the word "weeehhh, di nga", (it's a filipino phrase popularized from a movie) when in disbelief :p

Hope i get picked! =)

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing us all good health and good fortune in the year of the rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Layout for 2011

I'm baaacckkkkk.. After 4 months of not updating this blog.. and it's 2011!!
Can i still say Happy New Year!!!
or (i think) i should say Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!!! hehe

Can't wait for next week, Chinese New Year.. it will only be a 3 day work week for us here ;)..
and what's more, according to the tiger forecast for 2011.. the rabbit year will be a good one for me..

the tiger year was a BAD.. really BAD year for me.. sigh.. and sigh..

ok..ok.. think positive! only a few days more before the rabbit year comes in.. so i'm all psyched-up for a brand new year.. thinking very optimistic here =)

enuf of the blabbering...

I want to share with you this wedding layout that i've managed to start and finish lastnight *wink wink*. This is for my friend who will be leaving for london on the 3rd of Feb.

Hope she and her husband will like the LO i did for them.

Thank you for dropping by. =)